Assim Addous

Lead Recruiter

BlackBerry | Qualcomm | Nvidia | Prinsta
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Assim is a passionate engineer, problem-solver, and leader. For the past ten years, Assim has served in various engineering roles in companies such as BlackBerry, Qualcomm, and Nvidia. Assim deeply understands the engineering space and is committed to providing comprehensive staffing solutions tailored to each client's needs. He is dedicated to connecting the right people with the right jobs and helping businesses reach their goals.

  • B.s/M.s Electrical and Computer Engineering Georgia Tech
  • Teaching Assistant, Microelectronics Lab
  • Research Assistant, Published Author in the Area of Microelectromechanical Sensors
  • Fabrication Assistant Marcus Nanotechnology Research Center
  • BlackBerry, Qualcomm, Nvidia
  • COO, Prinsta - Electronics ¬†Manufacturing